Biospiel is a registered trademark in United Kingdom

Trademark number: UK00003895077

List of goods and services:

Class 9 - Bioinformatics software; Education software; Computer software for education; Educational software; Educational computer software; Computer software relating to the medical field; Computer software.

Class 41 - Medical tuition services; Health education; Medical education services; Education services relating to medicine; Providing continuing medical education courses; Adult education services relating to medicine; Education services relating to health; Educational and training services relating to healthcare; Educational services in the healthcare sector

Class 42 - Software engineering; Computer software engineering; Software engineering services; Computer software development; Development of computer software; Computer software consulting; Computer software consultancy; Consultancy (Computer software -); Design of computer software; Software design (Computer -); Computer software (Design of -); Computer software design; Services for the design of computer software; Developing computer software; Computer software design and development; Design and development of computer software; Consultancy relating to computer software; Computer software consulting services; Software development; Development of software; Software development in the framework of software publishing; Software design and development; Computer software consultancy services; Computer and software consultancy services; Consultancy in the field of computer software; Consultancy services in relation to computer software; Software design; Design of software; Computer software design services; Developing computer software for others; Information technology services; Software as a service [SaaS]; Software as a service [SAAS] services; Software as a service; Medical research; Medical research services.

Class 45 - Computer software licensing; Licensing of computer software; Software licensing; Licensing of software.