What is the future of social computing and Medical collaboration?

New Generation Medical Social Network

Biospiel is a new generation medical social network platform that allows medical professionals to monetize decisions made in clinical practice. Biospiel allocates a virtual currency coin to the medical professionals on each decision made in clinical practice.

Revolutionary Algorithm

Now, decision making can be quantitative in clinical practice with our revolutionary algorithm. Biospiel is a pioneer in web 3.0 and virtual assets in medicine. It is a new reality that combines social computing, medical collaboration, virtual currency coin and so much more.


Biospiel is a pioneer in this domain: ‘social computing combined with medical collaboration’ and our mission is to connect medical professionals, students & researchers of medical science & let them collaborate on medical imaging. Biospiel uses Game Theory mathematical modelling to apply decision making in the medical community.


Biospiel mission is to make medical community connected and provide the tools of modern technologies. With our revolutionary algorithm, we create automated interest-based communities in the medical community and let them collaborate on medical imaging.

Medicine Practice

Biospiel offers all the tools to medical professionals to collaborate on medical cases and share their findings with peers. Students & researchers of medical science can also collaborate with interest-based communities. Biospiel is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

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