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Biospiel helps educational institutions to provide quality medical education worldwide. Now your classroom will be our platform. With our databank of diagnosed disease types, students of medical science have access to world-class education.
With Biospiel Education you can host virtual and interactive medical sessions for medical students, residents, study groups, courses, scientific meetings, congresses and webinars. Let us help you build your educational case repository and carry out virtual and interactive medical training at all levels.

Our global community service allows sharing full medical cases, published with your clinical questions. Get access to collective intelligence and get help when you are uncertain about the diagnosis of your imaging finding.

Consult a global network of medical professionals

Share your judgement in treating a patient. Showcase your decisions made in clinical practice and earn virtual currency coins.

Share Decisions

Collaborate with your colleagues and peers in your own community groups. Share medical cases into access controlled groups for subspeciality collaboration.

Collaboration Groups

Create your own events in Biospiel app to collaborate with peers.

Host Virtual, physical, hybrid events

Communicate and chat with peers in your network.


Write scientific articles, share and collaborate on scientific articles with peers in the medical community.

Post Articles


Leverage our GDPR & HIPAA compliant privacy-by-design technology. Every case/decision is reviewed
by our global team before it gets posted in the Biospiel community. Working with us, we will support you and
your educational institution with the legal framework you require.