Community guidelines

Biospiel is a network that works towards the advancement of the medical field and is constantly growing because of the meaningful contributions of healthcare professionals like you. The cases/decisions you share help create awareness amongst medical professionals all around the world.

The following guidelines are here to guide you and help you understand what it means to be a member of the Biospiel community. Please be aware that all of your activity on Biospiel is subject to these guidelines, our Privacy Policy, our Content Policy, and our Terms of Service. This includes comments as well as cases/decisions/articles

What is the difference between a Case and a Decision?

Case: The medical professional wants a second opinion or an expert advice from peers in the medical community for educational purpose. Case is referred to the medical professional from others. The medical professional already know the patient history, diagnoses, and symptoms from other sources before the patient treatment begins or after the patient treatment by others.

Decision: is the judgement made by medical professional in treating a patient. The medical professional makes patient diagnoses, do the patient treatment and share the decision with peers in the medical community for educational purpose. Sharing a decision will give a reward point to the medical professional on Biospiel. 1 Decision will give 1 Coin (Reward Point) on Biospiel.

For Example: If you want to earn 1 coin, you must make 1 decision. Coins are like reward points. For example: 1 Coin = 1 Decision.

Respect the patients:

The cases/decisions featured on Biospiel are those of real patients. Hence it is your responsibility to treat them with respect, dignity, and compassion. Moreover, we emphasize heavily on the principles of honesty and transparency. Please only project ethical principles on Biospiel that you practice.‚Äč

Always maintain confidentiality:

Sharing of any protected health information (PHI) of the patient is not permissible under any circumstances. Please refer to our content policy for a list of identifiers. Any case/decision/article
/event/group/profile/comment that violates this policy will be removed. As outlined in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Content Policy and FAQ, it is your primary responsibility to remain within ethical boundaries.

Share direct clinical experience only:

Biospiel is intended for healthcare professionals to share cases/decisions of the patients in their direct clinical care. Sharing your own medical conditions, those of your family or friends, or those outside the scope of your practice, is not allowed, under any circumstances.

Be kind to colleagues and fellow community members:

Biospiel encourages a respectful learning environment where healthcare professionals from different backgrounds and countries come together to enlighten each other. Given the diversity of the Biospiel Community, it is essential that you remain kind, respectful and unbiased towards all members. There is zero tolerance for any sort of bullying or harassment.

Stay Professional Always:

Biospiel is a platform that stimulates strictly professional conversation. When contributing your questions and feedback to the clinical dialogue on Biospiel, you must always remain within the limits of professionalism. Any insensitive, lewd, or otherwise unprofessional comments will not be tolerated.

Support your findings with data:

While we recognize that not all treatments have been tested by clinical trials, cases/decisions and discussion on Biospiel must have a scientific basis. Failure to provide sufficient support and data when requested may result in your case/decision or comment being removed.

Avoid sharing promotional content:

All activity on Biospiel should serve the purpose of furthering medical knowledge. While healthcare professionals are welcome to tell the community about a project that they are working on, spamming the community with commercial or fundraising interests is not permitted. If your organization is interested in learning about promotional opportunities on Biospiel, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you to a member of our Business Development team.

Give credit where credit is due:

We encourage the sharing of helpful resources as long as they are either publicly available or available in the app and cited accordingly. If you deem any content, founded on Biospiel, valuable to the outside community and wish to share it with them make sure to share the source of the information. Sharing screenshots of the cases/decisions, comments, and any other contributions on Biospiel, without crediting the source, is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Biospiel is a platform for medical professionals to collaboratively establish diagnosis around medical cases/decisions. If you see anything that concerns you with respect to data privacy or malpractice, please contact us.

Please Note: Information on Biospiel is in no way intended to replace professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor.

We have formulated these guidelines to ensure that everyone in the Biospiel community can engage in meaningful educational sharing. Please abide by these primary rules of ethics and professionalism and help Biospiel prosper by creating awareness and solutions for the community.

If you witness any instance that you think may be a violation of our guidelines, please report to us using our built-in reporting function in the app. Our global team will review these reports and work to remove any such content.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us at [email protected].

The Biospiel Team